Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Body Shop Member's Day Sale (26/9 & 27/9)

As a member of the The Body Shop (TBS), I was notified of the member's day sale few days prior via SMS. Although it's only 25% off for all items, it is still a better discount than the birthday voucher (20%).

Normally, I would splurge for this brand. Being bias towards this brand is one thing, but when most of the stuffs from TBS works on my face like wonders, the tendency to horde stuffs too is high. But because I want to de-clutter my room after the end of this semester, I looked through all my makeup & beauty stuffs before confirming what I really want.

In the end, I only bought this:

$2.92 after discount. I wonder if spending $3 for a sponge is pricey?

Yes, their makeup-up sponge for the foundation case. I don't use TBS foundation but this sponge kinda fit my foundation case. I try to change my sponges every 6 months for hygienic purposes.

I saw the new blusher in store, pricing $29.90 for a pot. It is so tempting to buy it coz it's the new product from TBS. Oh well~

Friday, August 7, 2015


With the semester starting, I'm not quite sure how often I can update this blog but I'll try my best!

So! Let's start with my recent haul. Recent as in, 2 weeks ago:

How can you pass the affordable prices of essence cosmetics? I'm so glad Paloma introduce this brand here. I bought myself an eyebrow comb because I don't want to spoil my EcoTool brush.

essence like a rollercoaster ride 10ml - $5.90
essence 2 in 1 lash & brow comb - $2.90
essence deeply moisturising paper mask - $2.90 each

And this afternoon, I received this~


Okay, no. It's just the bag without any Sephora-related items. It's actually the items from the giveaway that I won:

I got 3 samples that was not included in the lucky draw so lucky me~ Thanks!

I'm excited for Makeup Revolution as this is a new brand that I have yet explored. Fingers cross for a review on this brand!

A little off topic (maybe?) but I'm glad meeting up with Nisah wasn't awkward or anything since it's my 1st time meeting her. Similar interest can lead to a fun conversation indeed. I want to do this often.haha.

Take care!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: Mustika Ratu Smara Bumi eyeshadows

It's been AGES since my last review on a product so I do apologize. I guess I'm just not so keen and up-to-date on makeup anymore. Anyways, let's make this review count now, shall we?

So! I purchased Mustika Ratu Smara Bumi eyeshadows back in the beginning of July. I guess I bought the eyeshadow because I don't have any green eyeshadow prior to this purchase. Since it was on Sales and buy 1 free 1 promotion, why not take this chance and try to see its' effectiveness.

Smara Bumi eyeshadow comes in 2 types: Smara Bumi 1 which is the Kuning Keemasan & Coklat Tua and Smara Bumi 2 which is the Hijau Tua & Hijau Muda. So I combined all 4 colours to create the look above. And this is how it looked like when eyes are opened:

I used the Gold shade as highlighter and into my inner corner of my eyes to give it a 'lifted' look. A little of brown on the outer corner. The green shades are used onto my eyelids.

Swatch without eye primer

Swatches under daylight without eye primer

I must say though, the shades are pigmented and gives a beautiful glow. The gold and light green shade is shimmery whereas the brown and dark green is rather matte finish. If you want to give this product a try, I would suggest the gold and brown pallette as it is more suitable for everyday look, if you don't over use the gold shade.

Price-wise, I think it's rather pricey. A pallette cost $10.50 and you get 2 colours.I'm lucky enough to get this on a discount where I paid $8.40 for 2 palettes (So that's $4.20 each, less than half price.) I don't think I would have given a shot for this product if it wasn't the Sales coz personally, I can get a better palette with that pricetag.

I used these palettes for a Raya outing and unfortunately, it doesn't last long on my oily eyelids. I'd say a maximum of 2.5 hours without re-touch for me despite applying eye primer. I don't know if it's the eye primer that's not doing its job well (I need to get that Tony Moly eye primer!) so the colour didn't stay long enough or it's just my oily eyelids so the colour just 'washed' away on my eyes. I think you can apply these eyeshadows without primer since it's pigmented.

In a nutshell, I wouldn't purchase the eyeshadow again but I'd say you can give the brown/gold shade palette a try.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I won~ + Recent Haul

So... I entered a lucky draw co-organised by Frogtastic Chronicles and Exotic Way to Burn. I entered for the Set B which is this (screenshot for the sake of easy

I got emailed by Nisah saying that I had won~ Wheee~ It's my first time winning a lucky draw for makeup so pretty excited about it :D I entered for this set simply because of the eye shadow. Pretty, right? Now that I thought about it, I wanted to get myself some eyeshadow from Etude House but luckily, I didn't. I wonder if that was a small sign? haha xD

So! The annual Puasa Raya sale is back and I got carried away buying too much of stuffs this time (=_=)"
Altogether cost around $270.. OTL

Mustika Ratu is having 20% for all items AND their makeup is buy 1 free 1. So 2 items for 80% of the price. I couldn't resist it and bought 2 eyeshadows and 2 loose powder. Not that I will use it everyday but the habit of keeping them in-stock came back again.

The Body Shop is having 20% off all items nationwide and their perfumes are on great discounts too. And since I had my birthday voucher, the only item I think thrice buying is for the 50% off voucher. I mean, half the price for 1 item? Really now~ I ended up getting the NUTRIGANICS™ DROPS OF YOUTH in 50ml. Yep, they have the bigger size bottle now. Usual price is $79.90 so with the voucher, it's $39.95. Personally I think it's a steal since the item I bought is a skincare over makeup (And I have too many makeup too)

Raya is around the corner so have a safe and meaningful holiday everyone!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


It's the quarter year sale amd I bought quite a lot recently.

Today's haul featuring L'oreal Paris Base Magique (Bought it at $15.90 instead of the original price $25.20!) and 3 items from Mustika Ratu counter:

1. Hand & Body Lotion White Care ($4.30 instead of $5.40)
2. Lemon Line Face Toner 75ml ($1.60 instead of $2.05)
3. Simple Stay Liquid Foundation in Smoothie Yellow ($4.50 instead of $5.60)

I have to admit, I only wanted the foundation as I'm about to run out of my current one. The toner & lotion are impulse buying (oh the guilty pleasure!) but hopefully none of the items will cause breakouts. All Mustika Ratu items are bought at a 20% discount. Definitely the time to buy their items if you haven't give it a try.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I'm back! (Well, maybe.)


  • Was in Japan for a year so I got to try Japanese brand makeup and skincare (Psst... I managed to buy myself a 75ml SK-II miracle treatment essence and LOVE it!)
  • I think I reduce my spending on makeup and skincare in Japan. I told myself to not "stock" them (I'm sure many of us are guilty of such!) because Japanese skincare does not suit this all year summer skin.
  • My skincare regime changes a bit now. I am scared of aging! Ask me this few years ago and I wouldn't be bothered to.
I don't have any blogging ideas just yet. We'll see!

Thanks for reading and take care!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Miri Haul + mini-review

I still stand by last year's resolution of not splurging on wants, especially for beauty or makeup items. I was very close to buy In2IT blusher and SimplySiti's lipstick from her Argan line (RM17+ and RM30+ respectively) but managed to say "NO!!" to my brain before hitting to the cashiers. hehe.

For this trip's I bought:
  1. Nivea Daily Deep Cleansing 3-in-1 Exfoliating Wipes
  2. Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam
  3. KissMe Heroine 09 Natural bottom lashes
  4. KissMe Heroine Romance Brown liquid eyeliner + KissMe Heroine Beauty Hand and Nail cream
I'm excited for Garnier's cleanser although I highly doubt it will do what it claims.

For KissMe Heroine items, I actually didn't even plan to buy the eyeliner but because it was on Sale, I bought it instantly. You wouldn't believe me if I told you that I pain RM24.95 for something that was RM79.90, would you? Well yeah, I did. Best item bought!

I was hesitant because it is a liquid eyeliner. I know my oily eyelids cannot take liquid eyeliners but the Sales Assistant willing to take her own eyeliner for me as tester and I love how the liquid eyeliner feels on my eyelids. After few hours of application, by the time I got back home, the eyeliner is still intact! Amazing! And it removes easily too with makeup remover. No regrets although it was an impulse (oops~)