Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Body Shop Member's Day Sale (26/9 & 27/9)

As a member of the The Body Shop (TBS), I was notified of the member's day sale few days prior via SMS. Although it's only 25% off for all items, it is still a better discount than the birthday voucher (20%).

Normally, I would splurge for this brand. Being bias towards this brand is one thing, but when most of the stuffs from TBS works on my face like wonders, the tendency to horde stuffs too is high. But because I want to de-clutter my room after the end of this semester, I looked through all my makeup & beauty stuffs before confirming what I really want.

In the end, I only bought this:

$2.92 after discount. I wonder if spending $3 for a sponge is pricey?

Yes, their makeup-up sponge for the foundation case. I don't use TBS foundation but this sponge kinda fit my foundation case. I try to change my sponges every 6 months for hygienic purposes.

I saw the new blusher in store, pricing $29.90 for a pot. It is so tempting to buy it coz it's the new product from TBS. Oh well~

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